Tips For Looking Better Naked

N0.1 - D0 high-intensity interval training bef0re y0u g0 0ut
Fitting in a 20- t0 30-minute w0rk0ut pri0r t0 meeting up with y0ur date will really make y0ur muscles “p0p” f0r the next several h0urs. T0 achieve the m0st ripped l00k p0ssible, even if y0u haven't g0t much time, d0 high-intensity interval training that c0ncentrates 0n building a p0werful c0re. The end0rphin rush y0u get fr0m exercising will als0 b00st y0ur b0dy c0nfidence, and in turn, her percepti0n 0f h0w y0u l00k naked.

N0.2 - Eat in m0derati0n and av0id white f00ds
Half the battle 0f l00king g00d naked is w0n if y0u have a varied diet full 0f lean meat, fruits, vegetables, wh0le grains, and fiber. In general, y0u sh0uld aim t0 eliminate sugar, fl0ur and 0ther white-c0l0red, refined f00ds fr0m y0ur diet as much as p0ssible. When y0u have a h0t date, h0wever, y0u sh0uld take extra care t0 av0id these f00ds as they cause water retenti0n, which translates int0 an unattractive, distended midsecti0n in a matter 0f h0urs. D0wning supersize p0rti0ns will have a similar effect, s0 eat sensibly when dining 0ut. Make healthy ch0ices at the restaurant by swapping the bread basket f0r a salad, then m0ving 0n t0 a main c0urse based 0n lean pr0tein and skipping dessert.

N0.3 - Rem0ve unflattering b0dy hair
While w0men expect men t0 have a certain am0unt 0f b0dy hair, finding 0ut that her new l0ver is King K0ng can kill her desire. Bef0re the big night, c0nduct an h0nest appraisal 0f y0ur b0dy hair and rem0ve any surplus. All back hair needs t0 g0 and if y0u have an excessive am0unt 0f chest hair, c0nsider getting rid 0f that t00 -- 0r at least trimming it. As well, a little manscaping d0wn there never hurt any0ne and will make y0ur member appear half an inch larger. Finally, remember that a little hair rem0val g0es a l0ng way, s0 d0n't g0 0verb0ard with shaving and waxing as w0men are freaked 0ut by men wh0 have less hair than they d0.

N0.4 - Stay hydrated
When y0u're naked, all y0u're “wearing” is y0ur skin, s0 it's imp0rtant t0 keep it in t0p shape. Drinking plenty 0f fluids will help y0u reach that g0al in tw0 ways. First, staying sufficiently hydrated will plump up y0ur cells, minimizing any wrinkles 0n y0ur face. Als0, a lack 0f liquids results in dry, scaly skin all 0ver y0ur b0dy, whereas c0nsuming en0ugh liquids will give y0u s0fter, sm00ther skin. But beware 0f l0ading up 0n high-cal0rie drinks like juice that can pack 0n p0unds. Instead, ch00se H20 0r a n0-cal0rie sp0rts drink -- particularly if y0u're active 0r find the taste 0f regular water a little b0ring -- t0 keep y0ur skin n0urished and y0u full 0f energy.

N0.5 - Av0id beer
At 150 cal0ries per b0ttle, beer is 0ne 0f the m0st cal0ric alc0h0lic beverages. It's als0 l0aded with carbs, which means that y0ur b0dy will treat it like sugar, an easy s0urce 0f energy, resulting in a sl0wer metab0lism and fat-shedding pr0cess. What's m0re, the carb0nati0n in beer can cause bl0ating, making y0ur b0dy and face l00k puffy.
The smart ch0ice when y0u're 0n a date is, theref0re, t0 av0id beer alt0gether, fav0ring wine 0r spirits instead. This will g0 a l0ng way in helping y0u l00k better naked. Remember n0t t0 0verd0 it with any alc0h0lic drinks, th0ugh, as excessive c0nsumpti0n increases the chances that while y0u'll feel m0re revved up, y0ur driver w0n't be ready t0 g0 when y0u need him m0st.

N0.6 - Stand up straight
In additi0n t0 making y0u l00k like a hunchback, sl0uching gives 0thers the impressi0n y0u are sh0rter and fatter than is actually the case. In c0ntrast, standing up straight will flatten 0ut y0ur midsecti0n s0 that y0ur b0dy will l00k l0nger and leaner, y0ur sh0ulders br0ader and y0ur chest firmer. Furtherm0re, an erect p0sture c0nveys d0minance and b0dy c0nfidence, b0th 0f which drive w0men wild. T0 stand pr0ud, imagine a r0pe running thr0ugh y0ur b0dy and pulling y0u up fr0m y0ur head.

N0.7 - Smell g00d
0ur next tip f0r l00king better naked inv0lves scent. Females use smell t0 assist with mate selecti0n, s0 never underestimate the imp0rtance 0f y0ur scent t0 the 0pp0site sex. Spritzing 0n an enticing c0l0gne that c0mplements y0ur natural b0dy 0d0r will enc0urage her t0 ask y0u t0 spend the night in the first place, and smelling great when y0u're naked will s0lidify the impressi0n in her mind that y0u're an incredibly attractive and amazing l0ver.

N0.8 - D0n't sit naked
Sure, sitting is a l0t m0re c0mf0rtable than standing, but this p0sture als0 c0mpresses all the fat fr0m y0ur midsecti0n, particularly if y0u sl0uch, creating unsightly belly r0lls. In fact, it's pr0bably 0ne 0f the m0st unappealing l00ks y0u c0uld ad0pt while naked. F0r muscles that appear m0re taut, stand up 0r lie d0wn. F0rtunately, there are en0ugh h0riz0ntal and vertical p0siti0ns t0 keep b0th y0u and her m0re than satisfied.

N0.9 - Adjust the lighting
It's understandable that in 0rder t0 enj0y all the sexy visuals y0ur partner's b0dy has t0 0ffer, y0u d0n't want t0 d0 it in the dark. At the same time, n0 0ne l00ks their best, including y0u, under ultra-bright lighting. S0, flip the dimmer 0r switch t0 candlelight t0 create a s0ft gl0w that will virtually erase fine lines and even 0ut skin t0ne. B0nus: Y0u'll set a m0re m00d-enhancing ambience and she'll be w0wed by y0ur “r0mantic” instincts.

N0.10 - D0n't wear tight cl0thes the evening y0u plan t0 get naked
Y0ur sart0rial selecti0ns f0r the night in questi0n have an impact 0n h0w y0u'll l00k naked. Garments that are fitted a little t00 cl0sely t0 y0ur b0dy will create embarrassing marks 0n y0ur skin; theref0re, steer clear 0f skinny jeans, pants that are snug ar0und y0ur middle, and shirts 0r jackets that pull. Dress pants 0r jeans that fit just right and a butt0n-d0wn with s0me breathing r00m are superi0r 0pti0ns t0 ensure that y0u will l00k better naked.

How to pick out lingerie for a woman

W0men l0ve t0 receive sexy lingerie fr0m their b0yfriends and sp0uses. It can be a big turn 0n f0r them t0 kn0w that y0u picked 0ut s0mething just f0r them that they can wear f0r y0u as a treat. When she kn0ws what y0u think l00ks sexy, she will feel like y0u are 0pening up lines t0 talk ab0ut what y0u b0th want in y0ur sex lives. W0men l0ve fantasy, and kn0wing y0urs as well. H0wever, the prize 0f seeing y0ur l0ver in a red nightie 0r black camis0le, d0es n0t take away the fact that y0u need t0 figure 0ut sizes and h0w t0 get the nerve t0 g0 int0 the lingerie department. Keep an 0pen mind f0r a few m0ments and y0u will see that getting lingerie right d0es n0t have t0 be such a hassle 0r mystery. There are 0pti0ns. Bef0re explaining, remember t0 keep y0ur mind 0n the prize. Y0ur w0man will be very excited that y0u have fantasized ab0ut her in whatever y0u have picked. She will als0 feel even sexier, kn0wing that y0u kn0w she will l00k g00d in it. With these tantalizing fact0rs t0 keep in the f0refr0nt 0f y0ur mind, y0u can d0 s0me 0f the f0ll0wing t0 make the experience a little easier.

1. C0mf0rt

The first thing y0u need t0 kn0w is – what y0ur girl’s m0st c0mf0rtable in. Feeling sexy is all ab0ut feeling beautiful, l00king beautiful and being c0mf0rtable. That d0esn’t mean y0u need t0 g0 0ut and get her ‘granny panties’, it simply means y0u sh0uld take care t0 ensure that y0ur lingerie purchase is in line with her style and preference. S0 y0u w0uld need t0 kn0w her bust, panty and cup size. D0n’t kn0w? N0 pr0blem - y0u might have t0 0rchestrate a peek int0 her underwear drawer. Make a mental n0te 0f all the stuff y0u find there- especially the c0l0rs and styles.

2. Her material preference

When she d0ns s0me sexy lingerie- d0es she wear satin 0r silk 0r b0th? Perhaps y0ur darling is a lace l0ver. Remember, success in this missi0n w0uld require s0me pretty careful 0bservati0n, 0n y0ur part, 0f all the details.

3. Brands 0f lingerie she likes

The brands she likes best. Is she crazy ab0ut Vict0ria’s Secret? 0r is she m0re an Agent Pr0v0cateur kinda girl? The sure sh0t way t0 kn0w f0r sure is t0 take cues fr0m her existing lingerie c0llecti0n.

3. Her b0dy type

Lastly, keep her b0dy type in mind. The very w0rd lingerie may trigger 0ff images 0f Gisele Bundchen sashaying d0wn the ramp with a demure p0ut - but y0u need t0 buy lingerie that best suits y0ur w0man and her b0dy type. Her skin t0ne, figure and pers0nality, all h0ld imp0rtant clues which y0u will need t0 pick up 0n, while sh0pping f0r her.

Find 0ut which are the lingerie st0res in the area where y0u live. The best way t0 find 0ut is t0 acc0mpany y0ur wife 0n a sh0pping spree 0r else y0u c0uld br0wse the net 0r venture int0 y0ur l0cal mall. 0nce y0u’ve g0t a list 0f pr0spective lingerie st0res, y0u can start narr0wing them d0wn based 0n what specifically y0u’re l00king f0r. Y0u can als0 sh0p 0nline very c0nveninently. In fact, sh0pping 0nline is usually less expensive because 0nline st0res 0ffer the same brands at l0wer prices. Typically they save 0n rent because they d0n't need prime c0mmercial space t0 st0ck up, s0 they pass 0n the savings t0 their cust0mers.

Types 0f Lingerie - the l0ng and sh0rt 0f it

Since the range 0f lingerie available t0 day is as wide as Julia R0bert’s smile, it’s really n0 w0nder men are 0verwhelmed when they attempt lingerie sh0pping f0r their wives.
N0t t0 w0rry th0ugh- read 0n t0 get the wh0le picture:

The Bustier: These are generally rather tight upper b0dy garments- as the name suggests- designed t0 accentuate the female bust. Typically, leggings 0r st0ckings may be attached t0 bustiers with the help 0f s0me straps.

The Chemise: These are light c0mf0rtable sh0rt dress like undergarments. They usually c0me c0mplete with attractive necklines and spaghetti straps.

The Baby D0ll: A baby d0ll is an extremely sh0rt night dress- which is just a tad bit l0nger than an average sized T-Shirt. Usually, baby d0lls are s0ld with a matching panty set.

A Teddy: N0pe we’re n0t talking ab0ut a little girl’s fav0urite t0y- in lingerie a teddy is pretty much similar t0 a swim suit. It has a seamless fitting t0p and a panty type b0tt0m.

H0usec0ats/Kim0n0s: The cl0sest c0unterparts t0 these garments w0uld be bathr0bes 0r dressing g0wns. While they d0n’t actually fall int0 the regular lingerie categ0ry, they c0me in handy t0 quickly c0ver up in case 0f an emergency.

The th0ng: N0 man wh0’s ever seen pics 0f Britney in the tabl0ids 0f late can say they haven’t seen a th0ng. A th0ng is basically in between a regular panty and a G- String. While a panty w0uld pr0vide full c0verage at the back and a G-String w0uld n0t, a th0ng w0uld be the median between the tw0.

Man sh0rts: Alth0ugh this particular type 0f lingerie- with its 0bvi0usly masculine 0rigin- may n0t fit the bill 0f the ‘perfect’ female lingerie- men just can’t seem t0 get en0ugh 0f them. Especially when a w0man teams a pair 0f man sh0rts with a lacy brasserie- y0u can be sure she’ll be beating them 0ff with a stick.

The 200+ Reas0ns W0men Have Sex…and The 3 Reas0ns Men D0

I c0uld write a saga l0nger than the Twilight series ab0ut what sex means t0 a w0man and why they have it. W0men will have sex t0 strike an extra intense em0ti0nal c0nnecti0n with s0me0ne else, b00st their appeal in p0pularity, fulfill a fantasy, bec0me physically and mentally cl0ser t0 the 0ne they l0ve, gain revenge, because C0sm0 say’s it is an easy way t0 beat 0ff cal0ries, 0r because a night 0ut with their single lady friends made them feel like they needed t0 have m0re fun.
T0 make a l0ng st0ry l0ng, sex t0 a w0man means a pleth0ra 0f c0mplex things. Sex is a l0aded gun c0ntaining bullets 0f feelings, em0ti0ns, and meaning (even I’m getting a little p0etic talking ab0ut it).
Sex f0r the dudes 0n the 0ther hand?

It’s really just a three letter w0rd.
Acc0rding t0 a recent Men’s Health article, researchers revealed m0re than 200 reas0ns w0men d0 the nasty. (e.g. the 0pp0rtunity presented itself, the 0ther pers0n had a nice face, 0ut 0f c0ntr0l h0rm0nes were in tact). Hmm, seems pretty like 0bvi0us en0ugh reas0ns t0 me. But 200 reas0ns t0 get frisky? I d0ubt that’s the case f0r men. In fact, when it c0mes t0 dudes, I’m certain there are 0nly 3.

1. They’re Guys
I’m a man-psychic. We all are. Because I’m willing t0 bet y0u c0uld predict what current th0ught is churning any man’s mind: sex. As menti0ned bef0re, sex means s0 many things f0r w0man. F0r men? D0ggie style is as natural as breathing. I’m n0t trying t0 put a der0gat0ry light 0ver men and their intenti0ns, but I have str0ng beliefs that th0ughts 0f sexual activity are multiplying in their mind like bunny rabbits. 24/7.
Y0u’re right, that is a l0t 0f thinking.

2. They Want t0 Tell Their Friends
I knew a gr0up 0f guys in c0llege wh0 actually added up p0ints each weekend after heavily drinking. Their p0int system went like this: they gave a certain am0unt 0f tallies t0 a r00mmate wh0 sc0red a make-0ut sesh and even m0re tallies t0 any0ne wh0 r0mped it up in bed. It’s true. I saw the whiteb0ard. As much as 0ur male-c0unterpart is n0t g0ing t0 get int0 details ab0ut h0w “s0ft her skin felt and h0w sweet her lips tasted…” like all the fluffy girls d0, a little n0tch in his belt (and a great st0ry t0 g0 with it) is the ultimate tr0phy in his circle 0f br0s.

3. They’re H0rnd0gs
While girls keep their t0y d0g in their purse, men keep their t0y d0g in their pants (if y0u catch my drift here) and they’ll f0ll0w that little puppy anywhere. It’s that simple.

Proper Hip Movement In Bed

Mattress mamb0 g0t y0u d0wn? Have n0 fear; 0nce y0u try 0ut 0ur sexual ch0re0graphy, y0u’ll ace y0ur game even if y0u have tw0 left feet, since we’re talking hips -- that special cradle that’ll r0ck y0ur jewels and her w0rld. Herewith, s0me c00l tips f0r y0ur awes0me hips with advice 0n pr0per hip m0vement in bed.

They call it screwing f0r g00d reas0n -- meaning circular m0ves, n0t hammering straight in. 0nce y0u’ve placed y0ur penis as deep inside her vagina as p0ssible, instead 0f thrusting in and 0ut, grind y0ur hips in a spiral fashi0n -- like a screw -- and y0u’ll hit the hidden parts 0f her clit0ris that acc0unt f0r 90% 0f her sensati0ns, with the little pearl being 0nly the tip 0f the iceberg. That said, if y0u want t0 hit that pearl n0netheless, just make sure that y0u push y0ur hips up a bit at the tightest p0int 0f the screwing m0ti0n.

The PC muscle is l0cated acr0ss the cr0tch in b0th men and w0men and c0ntr0ls the nether functi0ns -- it’s what y0u squeeze when trying t0 keep y0urself fr0m g0ing t0 the bathr00m, since it acts as a valve ar0und the genitals. If y0u learn t0 relax it as y0ur hips c0me t0gether and squeeze it as they pull apart, y0u’ll feel y0ur penis and testicles m0ve up int0 y0ur b0dy, giving y0u s0me indirect pr0state (aka male G-sp0t) stimulati0n. Just like at the gym, as y0ur hips keep the pumping rhythm g0ing, y0u need t0 inhale as y0u relax, exhale as y0u squeeze -- that is, if y0u wanna feel the Big 0 travel right int0 y0ur t0es.

Tailb0ne swing
F0r th0se 0f y0u wh0 dig perineal acti0n, add a swing 0f the tailb0ne every time y0u c0me t0gether and y0ur PC muscle is relaxed. Y0u’ll experience deep pelvic c0ntracti0ns that’ll travel t0ward y0ur perineum (that highly sensitive, sm00th, hairless area between y0ur scr0tum and y0ur rear d00r). In general, any r0tati0n ar0und the tailb0ne 0pens up the l0wer back, pr0viding greater c0mf0rt and flexibility. The m0ti0n acts like a pump, releasing the energy that’s st0red in that meridian -- pe0ple pr0ne t0 back pain tend t0 st0re their anxiety in there, thereby tightening up the muscles t0 the p0int 0f limited flexibility.

Shall0w thrusting
Y0u’ve d0ne the PC thing -- brav0 -- n0w it’s time t0 try 0ut s0mething shall0w; n0t as in “What’s y0ur sign, let’s hump,” m0re like shall0w thrusting. Since the 0uter third 0f a w0man’s vagina is the m0st sensitive part 0f her canal -- bey0nd it she can 0nly feel pressure -- shall0w thrusting can tickle her fancy in exquisite ways. What’s m0re, it’ll als0 pr0vide extra sensati0ns t0 tickle y0ur fancy, since y0u’ll be c0ncentrating 0n the m0st sensitive parts 0f y0ur J0hns0n: the head and the c0r0na (as in the gr00ve just beneath the helmet, n0t the beer). 0nce y0ur hips establish a steady rhythm, try adding s0me anal c0ntracti0ns t0 further intensify y0ur experience.
T0 c0mbine shall0w with deeper thrusting, 0bserve the “rule 0f 10.” Start with nine shall0w, 0ne hard thrust; 0n t0 eight shall0w and tw0 hard thrusts; f0ll0wed by seven shall0w and three hard thrusts; all the way t0 0ne shall0w and nine hard thrusts. Then repeat the pr0cess by g0ing in the 0pp0site directi0n, fr0m nine hard, 0ne shall0w t0 eight hard, tw0 shall0w, all the way t0 the beginning, f0r as many reps as y0u like.

CAT P0siti0n
The CAT p0siti0n stands f0r C0ital Alignment Technique, a variati0n 0n the missi0nary (n0t d0ggie) p0siti0n where instead 0f her wrapping her legs ar0und y0u, she squeezes them t0gether after y0u enter her, f0rcing y0ur knees 0n either side 0f her thighs. Y0u’ll then h00k y0ur feet under hers, f0r tracti0n, 0r push 0ff the headb0ard if y0u’re really tall, s0 y0u can ride high and y0ur hips can pump and grind t0 give her clit a great w0rk0ut -- this is 0ne 0f the few ways 0f increasing the 0dds 0f a w0man having an 0rgasm fr0m vaginal thrusting, even th0ugh it’ll still be a clit0ral 0rgasm. Thr0w in a vibrating c0ck ring and y0u’ll up the 0dds 0f a clit0ral 0rgasm even m0re. N0te: 70% 0f w0men will n0t be able t0 c0me fr0m vaginal thrusting al0ne.
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